What's About H2FC Summer School

The purpose of the H2FC - International Summer School in Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Technology is to bring together leading researchers interested in discussing challenges, recent progress, future perspectives and emerging applications in Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology.

H2FC Summer School is organized within the projects HYLANTIC - Atlantic Network for Renewable Generation and Supply of Hydrogen to promote High Energy Efficiency - and UniRCell - Unitised Regenerative Fuel Cell for Efficient Renewable Energy Supply: from Materials to Device.


This event intends to be an online open forum where researchers, engineering professionals, policy makers and senior graduate students will meet and learn through online sessions and social activities.

Meet our team
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Where HydroGenious Minds Reunite


H2 & Fuel Cells Fundamentals. H2 Production & Storage. H2 Safety. Applications & LCA. Companies.

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Prof Alexandra Pinto

CEFT - Transport Phenomena Research Center

Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto

+351 225 081 675

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